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Garbage disposal installation

Reliable garbage disposals

Keep your garbage disposal working correctly

Garbage disposals can be installed under your sink between the drain and the trap to shred food waste into small enough pieces (generally less than 2mm) to pass through your drains and plumbing. These devices can last long if not used excessively for large amounts of food. Regular service and proper installation from us will help to keep your disposal in great shape.

Excellent disposal benefits and services

    •    Adequate power for long life

    •    Stainless steel anti-corrosion mounting parts

    •    Corrosion-resistant grind hopper

    •    Composite housing

    •    Stainless or poly disposal nipple to avoid leaks

    •    Sound deadening materials for quiet use

    •    Repairs for all makes and models

    •    Garbage disposal installation

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